Go from feeling discouraged and daunted by your current health challenges to feeling empowered and confident in your ability to take back your health.

You want more energy. You want to do more than just veg out on the couch at the end of the work day.

You want to eat food that leaves you satisfied and fueled, without also making you bloated, foggy, and tired.

You want peace of mind and calm. You are done feeling frazzled, stressed out and like you aren't doing enough to take care of yourself.


You know you need to eat better.

You know you ought to move more.

You know you have to manage your stress and get a good night's sleep.


But all of these things mean making different lifestyle choices and that is daunting. 


Giving up salt, sugar and fat - the things that make food taste good - seems unthinkable.

Making time for exercise - impossible or if you hate exercise - undesirable.

Reducing the stress in your life - improbable.


I get it. And here’s what I want to share with you:


It's not an all or nothing proposition. You do not have to do it all, perfectly, to get more of what you want.


I'm Sherry Pratt, an ADAPT certified functional health coach. After 20 years as an IT professional and executive, I decided to turn my passion for nutrition, fitness and holistic health from a personal hobby and pastime into something more so I could help others. Over the years as I acquired knowledge, applied it to my own life, and shared it with those around me, I noticed that a handful of small changes, practiced over the course of weeks and months became easier and easier to follow and ultimately turned into health-promoting habits that have become a part of who I am and what I do.


I'm here to help you build lifestyle habits that support your goals and improve your health without your having to join a gym, eat kale salad every day for lunch and spend hours meditating to reach a Zen state.


Instead, I advocate the SLOW method.


S - small changes that build long-term sustainable

L - lifestyle habits, approached with an

O - open-mind & open-heart as you navigate your path to

W - wellness


Using this method you will learn how to:

  • Make food choices that are aligned with your goals, augment your health and still taste good

  • Stack movement into your day making it easy and practical

  • Have energy at the end of the day to spend quality time with loved ones and pursue hobbies and pastimes

  • Enjoy food and eat well without deprivation - yes - sugar, salt and fat are still on the menu!

  • Sleep soundly and wake feeling rested and ready to face your day

  • Let go of the small stuff and handle the big stuff with grace and resilience

  • Experience peace of mind knowing that you are doing the right things to reclaim your health and reduce the risk of developing multiple chronic conditions.

  • And most importantly, how to do it in a way that works for you - that fits your specific health conditions, situation, personal preferences, and needs.

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