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I help middle aged women break free from yo-yo dieting and live comfortably in their bodies without feeling like they're giving up on themselves or their health

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I know that deep down you're tired of trying to meet beauty and body standards that are rarely achievable for those in their 20's, never mind someone closer to 50! And I know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to keep trying diet after diet only to experience fleeting results and feeling like it's your fault when the weight creeps back on.

And just between us, there's no secret formula to weight loss and optimal health. We each have a unique genetic blueprint along with individualized values, beliefs and life experiences. Genuine health looks different for everyone, but it starts with a healthy relationship with food and your body.

Genuine health is not a number on the scale or your jean size.

It goes beyond the size and shape of your body to include your mental and emotional health, feeling connected to and supported by others, having a sense of purpose and meaning and creating environments that support your health and wellbeing. But it's hard to consider these things when all you can think about is food.

I want to help you build the clarity and confidence to find your own definition of whole person health and while we are at it, I am going to help you see your value beyond your appearance so that you can stop trying to shrink your body and start living with joy, pleasure and vitality.

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It all started with a divorce...

My struggle with food and my body started when I separated from my husband. Up to that point, I considered myself to be a pretty normal eater. I ate fruit and vegetables, meat, grains, and dairy. I also ate cookies, pizza, chicken fingers, ice cream and chocolate all without guilt or shame. And then food went from just being food to suddenly being this thing that carried so much more weight - both literally and figuratively. 

The stress and lifestyle changes that came with divorce led to inadvertent weight loss which resulted in compliments and attention that soothed my trampled self-esteem.

What began as accidental undereating turned into 10+ years of intentional yo-yo dieting as I tried to maintain this new body that was not compatible with my genetics and natural set point.

I believed I was pursuing “health” but in truth I was also seeking the acceptance and social status that came with being in a smaller body. Throughout this process I became a health coach because when we think we are broken we try to fix others, hoping that in the process we can fix ourselves.

The final straw came when I got a job coaching clients on the keto diet and jumped headlong into keto myself. At first it went predictably well. I lost weight and felt great, but it didn't take long for the deprivation and restriction to catch up and pull me back into the binge-restrict diet cycle. 

This time however, I saw the same behaviors in my clients. I wasn't alone!

Like me, my clients lost weight, but so often it was never enough, and it didn't bring joy or happiness. Instead it brought on a preoccupation with food, distress around social situations and a fear of weight regain.

I realized that my mental health and emotional wellbeing were more important than the number on the scale so I walked away from diets. I discovered intuitive eating and the anti-diet movement and it transformed my relationship to food and my body. I went from seeing food as the enemy and my body as something that needed fixing to food just being food and my body as worthy of respect.  

Now that I've found a way to break free of the diet cycle, it's my deepest desire to help others do the same.

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This is what food freedom looks like for me and what I experience on a daily basis:

  • Peace of mind and an absence of judgement and self-criticism around food and my body

  • Ability to eat dessert and other comfort foods without overindulging or feeling guilty

  • Eat a wide variety of foods that are satisfying, adequately nourish my body and leave me feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally

  • Appreciate my body for what it can do and enjoy movement and exercise for the physical, mental and social benefits

  • Able to easily maintain a stable weight

  • Able to navigate stress and highly charged emotional situations without using food as a coping mechanism

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If any of this resonates with you, if you want to finally step out of the diet cycle, find freedom with food, and learn to embrace the body you have, then know it is possible!

Take one small step now…

Download my free guide to HALT Emotional Eating

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