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Do you find yourself reaching for food when you're stressed, bored, tired, upset, frustrated, after a long day, because you deserve it... because you want it... 

just because ...

HALT emotional eating in its tracks with this simple technique. 

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About Me

Hi, I'm Sherry. I'm a certified health coach and nutritionist.

I'm also an emotional eater. While I've always had a sweet tooth, my struggle with emotional eating began with my divorce. Even after I got over the divorce itself, the pattern of emotional eating continued for years. It was a habit I couldn't shake.

Awareness and mindfulness, along with quality nutrition and a shift in mindset away from all or nothing thinking and diet mentality are the tools that helped me to heal my relationship with food and end the cycle of emotional eating.

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Food Freedom

Free 30 minute discovery session

If emotional eating is taking up too much space in your life and impacting your physical and mental health, let's chat.


One on one personalized coaching

Together we'll navigate your path to food freedom and break free from emotional eating and yo-yo dieting.


Attend a community event

Join me in person (or online) for local workshops and events.

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When the whole COVID situation happened, I'd fallen into some pretty poor habits, I wasn't getting enough sleep, I was eating horribly. Now my diet is better and I'm exercising more. I've lost about 10 lbs, have less inflammation and have fewer aches & pains. As a result of this journey, when I'm getting stressed out, I'm not grabbing whatever is close. I'm finding healthier alternatives - like taking the dog for a walk, or picking up my guitar, or playing with my kids vs going for the candy jar. Sherry's coaching style has forced me to be introspective and helped me explore the causes for not doing what I know I should be doing.



Check out my recent blog articles to learn more about my approach to health, the tools I use to maintain food freedom, and occasional random thoughts.

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