Go from feeling discouraged and daunted by your current health challenges to feeling empowered and confident in your ability to take back your health.

I will show you how to be on the winning side of the battle between health and our modern lifestyle.

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Ditch Deprivation 

5 Simple & Satisfying Treats

You don't have to willpower your way thru cravings.

I believe that FUN and health can be synonymous. Choose one of the three topics below to explore my philosophy on nutrition, stress and physical activity.

Fresh Feta Salad
Windswept Hair
Lady's Bike

F - food

Learn how making better choices 80% of the time leaves room for your favorite indulgences

U - unwind

Learn to embrace & manage your stress

N - non-exercise movement

Learn why more movement, not exercise is what you need

About Me

I'm Sherry Pratt, an ADAPT certified functional health coach. After 20 years as an IT professional and executive, I decided to turn my passion for nutrition, fitness and holistic health from a personal hobby and pastime into something more so I could help others.

I'm here to help you build lifestyle habits that support your goals and improve your health without having to join a gym, eat kale salad every day for lunch and spend hours meditating to reach a Zen state.

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