What is health coaching?

A health coach is someone who can help you find your way to wellness. I'm guessing that what you don't need is more information or expert opinions - there is an overwhelming amount of that available already. As your health coach, I can help you sift through that information to determine what is meaningful and helpful to you. My role is to partner with you and help you figure out what you need and how to get what you want.


We do this by exploring and setting a vision and goals. We leverage your strengths and the things that are working well. We uncover what's getting in your way or keeping you stuck and create experiments to move you forward. We create a safe environment built on trust and respect.

I'll ask you questions - lots of them - so you can discover the answers that already lie within yourself. I provide unwavering support, meeting you where you are in a non-judgmental and curious manner. I offer accountability and encouragement and am here to celebrate your wins and successes with you.

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A free 25 minute session to give you a better understanding of what health coaching is and how it can help you go from knowing what you should be doing to actually doing it! 

One on One Programs

Work with me one on one to achieve your unique and specific goals and overcome your current health challenges. 

Vegetarian Food

No rules, no restrictions, just good habits for life. Slow and steady might not be glamorous, but it works! A year from now you could be leaner, fitter and healthier than you ever thought possible.


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