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My younger son has Phys Ed this semester (technically quint - the modified version of semesters resulting from COVID), and one of his assignments is to set a SMART goal related to physical activity. He chose to improve his flexibility and his goal includes stretching 3-4 times a week. To support and encourage him, I've been occasionally reminding him and doing the stretches with him. Today when I asked if he wanted to do his stretches, he responded by saying "It's Saturday". To which I responded "And… ??", wondering what difference this made. Turns out that Saturday is for relaxing. Interesting!

I recently had a similar experience with my elder son. He had asked for some help making up menu plans. (He does the menu planning and most of the cooking at his Dad's house). It was a Saturday, or maybe a Sunday, and I asked if he wanted to work on his plans. His response was essentially the same as his brother's: the weekend is for taking a break from all things that feel like work, the implication being that activities related to one's health and well-being are work.

This belief, that exercise or menu planning or cooking from scratch are work, is not new and is one of the many reasons we struggle to establish habits that include them. However, it was this notion of what I'm calling weekenditis that really got me thinking. The weekend is almost 30% of a week, and if you include Friday, because honestly who hasn't used "it's Friday" as a reason to let slip a healthy behaviour, that number becomes 43%. Suddenly, it's easy to see how or why we struggle to establish and maintain healthy habits when we only practice them 50% of the time.

What if we held the belief that every day was a day to do something, no matter how big or small to maintain or improve our well-being. What if, when it comes to our health, Saturday is the same as Wednesday?

Do you suffer from weekenditis? What beliefs do you hold regarding the weekend that may be impacting your healthy habits?

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