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#kindness (Unwind Wednesday)

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Happy Wednesday! Or did you think it was only Tuesday? That's the beauty of a short work week, waking up to discover it's Wednesday already. 😊

My invitation for today's Unwind Wednesday is to practice kindness. Showing kindness benefits the person on the receiving end, and also brings about better well-being for the giver. Win-win!

How good are you at offering praise or compliments to others? I admit that I used to be pretty terrible at it. A prevalent belief in our culture is that we have to be hard on ourselves, and setting high (almost unachievable) standards is the only way to greatness. There's plenty of research that has shown this to be false, and yet the idea persists. In addition, we tend to hold others to the same high standards and as a result are less than generous with recognition and acknowledgement.

For me, the turning point in offering compliments was to re-frame them as affirmations. As a coach, it is my job to accentuate the positive in someone. To notice and shine a light on a person's strengths, intentions and efforts. Focusing on the positive subsequently builds one's confidence, reduces defensiveness, creates and enhances hope and generates engagement; qualities that are necessary for behaviour change and people to achieve their best. Noticing and calling out a strength is one of the greatest compliments you can give someone. It is acknowledging a truth about that person that has nothing to do with your own personal perspective, judgement or approval.

Why not practice kindness today in the form of noticing and acknowledging a strength in a co-worker, peer, friend, partner, family member or even a stranger.

For additional brownie points, turn this practice on yourself. What is one small thing you've accomplished today and which of your strengths did you use to get that done? Practice kindness and celebrate that strength.

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