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Thursday is just as good as Monday

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

When you find yourself off track with respect to a change you are trying to make or a habit you are trying to build, do you notice yourself saying things like "I'll start again next week." or "I'll get back at it on Monday" because today is Thursday and you can't start something on a Thursday - no great plan was ever started on a Thursday. Or maybe you're waiting till after an upcoming event - a business trip, a vacation, the holidays, the New Year, etc.

When it comes to behaviour change and building habits, we have a tendency to want to align ourselves with the calendar. I personally think this is just another clever way our procrastination monkey* convinces us to stick with our current and more comfortable behaviour versus shifting to the new habit we are trying to build. We can delay getting back at it by a few more days, weeks or even months.

What if you didn't wait? What would be different if you didn't use the calendar as an arbitrary obstacle to resuming your desired behaviour?

Thursday is just as good as Monday.

Behaviour change and building habits is HARD. Don't make it harder by imposing more conditions, especially ones driven by the calendar. You can resume your nutrition plan, workout plan, meditation practice, etc. any day of the week.

Building habits is all about making behaviours automatic. We humans love to run on auto-pilot. Habits make our lives easier and the best way to build a habit is through consistency. You will inevitably get off track, and the sooner you return to the routine of your habit, the more engrained the behaviour will become until it finally becomes a habit - the default behaviour we want.

* If you've never checked out this Ted Talk on procrastination by Tim Urban then you totally should.

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