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#spring cleaning

You can't deny that a freshly cleaned, sparkling room feels good. A neat and orderly space is one you want to spend time in, one that generates feelings of calm and tranquility.

Spring cleaning is a great stress buster, combining 3 stress-relieving activities into one. First, it gets your body moving, often in ways you don't do everyday as you get down on your hands and knees to wipe baseboards or reach up high to get the cobwebs on the ceiling. (Note: I do not recommend balancing on one leg while on a step ladder! ) Next it focuses attention, you get absorbed in the task and forget about other stressors. And lastly it provides a sense of accomplishment - a freshly cleaned space is tangible, visible evidence that you did something!

Today, choose one small room or area and spend 15 minutes doing a deep spring clean. Then sit back and admire your work as you note feelings of satisfaction and calm.

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