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How does your morning usually play out? Do you have a fairly consistent and structured routine or does it tend more toward mayhem and chaos?

Your morning routine sets the tone for your day.

The following are likely to start your day in a stressed state:

  • Hitting snooze too many times and ending up rushed

  • Checking your phone before you even get out of bed

  • Responding to emails while also trying to get ready

  • Scrolling thru social media and losing track of time

  • Yelling at your kids to hurry up

  • Reading or watching the news

  • Eating breakfast on the run or skipping it altogether

On the other hand, doing any one of the following can make your morning feel more calm and relaxed:

  • While showering instead of letting your mind drift to the day ahead, focus on staying in the present moment. Appreciate the warm water, notice the pleasant smell of your soap, take a few deep breaths and be grateful for a new day.

  • Greet others in your household by looking them in the eye and wishing them a heartfelt good morning. Bonus points if you give them a warm hug.

  • Take a moment to think about your day and identify one good thing that you are looking forward to.

  • Create a feel good playlist and listen to it while getting ready or driving to work.

The impact that will come from this is less about the action itself and more about making an intentional choice and following through. It's about establishing and exerting control. Stress and control (or at least perceived control) are inversely correlated. The more control we have, the less stress we feel. Taking action on a conscious and deliberate choice will increase your wellbeing and reduce your stress.

What one really small thing can you do to intentionally cultivate a mindset of peaceful calm as part of your morning routine?

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