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#let it be (Unwind Wednesday)

I've been digging into the concept of equanimity lately. When we face discomfort or don't like something (including aspects of ourselves like the shape of our body, a particular trait or habit), our natural tendency is to get down on ourselves. We wallow in the mud.

What if instead of wanting and wishing for it to be different, we simply acknowledged it for what it is and let it be.

I used to confuse equanimity with resignation. If I let it be, than I won't be willing to do what's needed to change. Turns out they are not the same at all. Noticing a feeling or emotion and just letting it be often allows it to pass without the need for distracting, numbing or compensating behaviours. You know, the ones that often thwart or sabotage our health and well-being. 😉

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