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#intention (Unwind Wednesday)

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

in·ten·tion (noun): a thing intended; an aim or plan

res·o·lu·tion (noun): a firm decision to do or not to do something.

One the surface, these two words have similar meanings, however, at least to me, each has a different spirit. We most often use the word resolution in the context of a New Year's resolution. A desire to create a new habit, or more often, change or stop a bad one. Synonyms of resolution include determination, tenacity, and perseverance which can be good. Other synonyms however, such as decree, promise or vow, set up all or nothing thinking which quickly lead to the abandonment of the resolution the first time we waiver or fail to stick to it. Resolutions can create large expectations and subsequently feelings of tension and rigidity.

Intention on the other hand suggests a gentler and more forgiving approach to goals. There is still a strong desire to achieve the desired outcome, however the path to get there allows more room for missteps along the way. Another interesting nuance of intention is that there is a plan behind it. It's one thing to want to make changes to improve your health, like losing weight or exercising more, but it's quite another to create an effective plan to do so.

Today, instead of creating tension and stress around your goals and plans for the New Year, why not relax a bit and take a gentler approach by setting an intention and even more importantly make a realistic plan, one that starts with a small 1% improvement. And if you'd like some support, accountability and partnership along the way, book a discovery call with me.

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