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Fuel up Friday - Spinach Frittata

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

My food philosophy is centered on the Do Diet - including lots of whole, nutrient dense foods to naturally crowd out the less healthy stuff, while still allowing room for your favourite indulgences.

Eggs are an egg-cellent 😁choice (check out this article for 9 reasons) so making a frittata as my first suggestion for Fuel up Friday was a no-brainer. I'm a big fan of cooking once and then eating twice or even 3 or 4 times, which is why I'll often cook up a large frittata on a day when I have a bit more time and then eat leftovers for the rest of the week. You can use whatever vegetables you have on hand, in this case I used spinach, mushrooms and green onion. Melt some butter in a casserole dish and then layer in the vegetables. Next, scramble the eggs with a splash of milk or water and pour over the vegetables. To spice things up I stirred some basil pesto and sundried tomatoes into the eggs then topped the whole thing with a bit of parmesan cheese. Bake @ 350F for 25-30 minutes and dig in! I chose to round out my meal with a slice of Silver Hills Sprouted Whole Grain Cinnamon Raison toast and half a grapefruit.

How might you fuel up your Friday?

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