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#fresh flowers (Unwind Wednesday)

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

January can be a particularly cold and bleak month, especially in many parts of Canada including here on the Saskatchewan prairies. While there is beauty in hoar frost and snow tipped evergreens, the more common sights are barren trees, brown snow and grey skies. Today we even get to experience 70 km/hr winds! Couple the inclement weather that keeps us indoors with shorter days, less sunlight, and pandemic restrictions that limit our ability to socialize with others, and it's not surprising that you may be feeling a bit more blue than usual.

Try brightening your day with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Symbolic of Spring and renewal, a vase of cheery, colourful flowers on the counter offers a welcome dose of hope and positivity. Treat yourself to some today, and while you're at it, buy some for a friend or family member and brighten their day too. Small acts of kindness boost our happiness and well-being.

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