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We often get caught up in the how instead of focusing on the what.

We have fixed and rigid beliefs about how to get what we want.

We want to be healthier, we want to lose weight, and so we feel like we need to follow strict rules about food. We create stress by labeling foods as good and bad, and then extend those labels to ourselves when we eat those foods. I had salad for lunch, I was good. I had a donut with my coffee, that was bad. What if the path to a healthy weight wasn't only through food? What if the how comes from a genuine desire for self-care instead of a need to fix mindset?

This desire to control the how may show up in many areas of your life, or just a few.

Chances are there's a strong correlation between the stressors in your life and the areas in which you are most inflexible.

Where do you notice rigidity? Where are you more flexible?

Can you see the connection between the what and the how?

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