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Anyone else happy to see their kids go back to school? Even with the precautions in place for COVID and an amended format, returning to school has brought back routine and predictability that's been lacking since March. While a break from routine can be nice, I am more than ready for this break to be over! 😊

Even if you don't have kids or they're all grown up, there's a noticeable shift in focus, activity and behaviour that occurs when September rolls around. Gone are the carefree days of summer, the weather turns cooler, and we return to more structure.

Uncertainty, or the lack of predictability, is one of the factors that determines whether or not we perceive an incident or situation as stressful. Routine and predictability help create an inherent sense of calm which is why having stable and predictable routines can reduce or help manage stress.

What routines are you looking forward to getting back into? Using this time as an opportunity to spark change, what new routine or habit might you like to establish?

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