#have a cup of tea

Wrap your hands around a cup of tea and let the warmth melt the stress of the day away.

#silence (Unwind Wednesday)

Honour those who create safety, security and freedom for you, not just on Remembrance Day, but everyday


Yoga is less about having a flexible body, and more about having a flexible mind. It's a practice of awareness and breath.


Spend some quiet time just being present with your breath and notice your naturally calm and peaceful nature.

#back to school

A return to regular routines creates predictability and an inherent sense of calm.

#go to bed early

When you're tired, honour your body and hit the hay early.

#give a hug

Experience the power of physical touch. It's amazing how something so simple can feel so good and bring such peace.

#belly breathing

Create a sense of grounding calm by taking 3 long, slow, deep breaths, feeling your belly rise and fall.

#savor summer (Unwind Wednesday)

Summers in Saskatchewan are short. For today's Unwind Wednesday practice, I invite you to savor summer. What are your favourite...

#kindness (Unwind Wednesday)

Intentionally show someone a kindness today by paying them a compliment. Acknowledge a strength, something they do well or are good at.

HALT Emotional Eating

Use this handy acronym to help you determine why you are reaching for food or giving into that sugar craving.