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Good Enough

When attempting to change behaviour, our natural tendency is aim for perfection. What if instead you aimed for good enough?

#spring (Unwind Wednesday)

Spring naturally arouses feelings of hope and new beginnings. Take a moment to ask, Where could I benefit from a fresh start?

Why diets and deprivation fail

Dieters eat significantly more than non-dieters when exposed to food cues. Try these 3 mindset techniques to prevent this tendency.


Do you suffer from weekenditis? What beliefs do you hold regarding the weekend that may be impacting your healthy habits?

How much should I eat?

Learn 2 different ways to manage portion sizes along with a few associated weight loss tips.

3 tactics to try when change is hard

When a goal seems elusive and out of reach, what if you approached it with curiosity, a data driven experimental mindset and patience?

What's your Plan B?

Perfection and failure are not the only options. Instead of expecting perfection, why not make a Plan B?

Action Begets Change (and motivation)

When it comes to changing our lifestyle, especially the hard stuff like how we eat, move and live, it can feel like an uphill battle....

The Do Diet vs the Don't Diet

When we think about eating better, we often think about what we have to take out of our diet - usually the things we like most! 😲 What...

HALT Emotional Eating

Use this handy acronym to help you determine why you are reaching for food or giving into that sugar craving.

Forget Resolutions, Build Habits

As we welcome the New Year, there's a tradition to set resolutions. Resolutions to improve one's health - exercise more, eat better or...

Thursday is just as good as Monday

When you find yourself off track with respect to a change you are trying to make or a habit you are trying to build, do you notice...

Hara hachi bu

Don't ask me how to pronounce it, but hara hachi bu is a Japanese term that roughly translates to eat until you are 80% full. The...

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