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Dig in the dirt. Spend time outside. Practice mindfulness. Reap the rewards.

#morning routine

Make a conscious and deliberate choice to start your day with one small action that makes you feel good.


Try to let go of the how and focus on the what instead.


Treat your most basic physical, mental and spiritual needs the same way as those of others whom you care deeply for.

#3 Good Things

Take a few moments at the end of the day to reflect on 3 Good Things that happened today.


Appreciation of beauty and excellence generates feelings of awe, wonder and admiration. How can you cultivate or invite these in today?

#spring cleaning

A 3 for 1 stress busting activity. Get your body moving. Focus your attention. Feel a sense of accomplishment.

Good Enough

When attempting to change behaviour, our natural tendency is aim for perfection. What if instead you aimed for good enough?

#spring (Unwind Wednesday)

Spring naturally arouses feelings of hope and new beginnings. Take a moment to ask, Where could I benefit from a fresh start?

#let it be (Unwind Wednesday)

Practice the skill of noticing what is and just let it be. Drop the struggle to want it to be different.

#get outside (Unwind Wednesday)

After 3 months of cold, dark winter, those first few days of above zero temps feel so good, and perfect for getting outside for a walk.

Why diets and deprivation fail

Dieters eat significantly more than non-dieters when exposed to food cues. Try these 3 mindset techniques to prevent this tendency.

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