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Ready to feel your BEST?

If two years of pandemic living have left you feeling less than your best, join me for my newest group coaching program.

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Be Your BEST is a six-week group coaching program specially designed to address the 3 biggest challenges to improved health and well-being: 

  • eating better consistently

  • moving more consistently

  • and the BIG ONE: managing our thoughts and that little voice in our head that thwarts our efforts

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Be your BEST

2 small daily habits to eat better and move more, book-ended by 2 mindset practices to make sure they stick!


Be Mindful

Your thoughts and beliefs are powerful. Notice and dismiss the unhelpful ones. Nurture and cultivate the helpful ones.



Start where you are. Work at your own pace. Move in a way that feels good. We are moving towards 150 minutes per week.


Start with Protein

No dieting, calorie counting or restriction. Instead we'll focus on getting sufficient protein to promote satiety, and weight loss (if that’s your goal).


Three Good Things

Notice and celebrate the positive. Each day you'll reflect on 3 good things.

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Investment $349

  • Six 90 min group coaching sessions, occurring once a week for six weeks

  • Workbook with exercises to accompany session topics and deepen insights

  • App for tracking your progress and habits

  • Personalized accountability and coaching support between sessions

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What to expect

  • We'll gather together Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 pm at The Stretch Studio

  • Program will run for 6-weeks from February 15, 2022 thru to March 22, 2022

  • Each session will follow a similar format

    • Open with a mindfulness exercise

    • Sharing of experiences from previous week including celebration of small wins and learnings

    • Short educational component to introduce one of the 4 habits, explaining how and why it works

    • Group discussion on this practice to deepen your understanding, identify potential challenges and obstacles and explore how you might implement it in your life

    • Time for you to quietly reflect, capture insights and determine what next action you would like to take regarding this new habit

    • Close by sharing your take aways and optionally your commitments for added accountability and support

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Be Your BEST

Program Details

Week One

Three Good Things

Working backwards, we'll start by focusing on what's good. As psychologist Dr. Rick Hanson puts it, "The brain is Velcro for negative experiences, but Teflon for positive ones." In our first session you'll learn why we are hardwired to focus on the negative and how to overcome this evolutionary bias with a simple nightly habit. Consciously shifting our focus toward the positive generates motivation and more importantly a bias toward action.

Week Two

Start with Protein

We all know that how we fuel our bodies matters, and yet it can be a struggle to consistently make good choices. I'm not a fan of dieting or nutrition dogma. I prefer to stick to the basics, like eating  adequate amounts of high quality protein. It may seem simple, but a singular focus on this foundation makes a HUGE difference toward feeling your BEST.

Week Three


Meeting the minimum recommendations for physical activity is a challenge for many of us. The sedentary nature of many jobs combined with technology designed to make our lives easier, has resulted in our sitting is the new smoking reality. We'll review the benefits of exercise, and you'll connect with your personal motivators and find ways to move more that may or may not include traditional "exercise".

Week Four

Be Mindful

Behaviour change is equal parts action and thought. Our mind is a non-stop thought generating machine. Some are helpful, some not so much. We'll explore the practice of mindfulness, of noticing thoughts from a neutral observer standpoint so that we can dismiss the unhelpful ones and nurture the beneficial ones.

Week Five


Change is hard! Changing what we eat, how often we move, and what we think is even harder. Ideally our "keep it simple" and "take it slow" approach is making it easier, but we'd be remiss if we didn't anticipate challenges. This week we'll discuss barriers and obstacles and share tips for persevering and finding those small wins and good things!

Week Six


Our final week together will be a celebration of the success you've had, the community we've built, and the learnings you're taking with you. You'll come away with a plan to maintain the healthy habits you've established so you continue to feel your BEST.

BEST: List

Consider joining if you ...

  • need some structure and accountability to get started

  • are looking for gentle guidance coupled with flexibility to do what works best for you

  • want to make sustainable changes to improve your diet and increase your physical activity (vs a quick-fix plan that, at best, offers short-term results)

  • want to connect with and be part of a group of like-minded individuals seeking better health

  • aspire to better well-being and a healthier lifestyle

  • can commit to gathering for 90 minutes once a week for 6 weeks

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